Digital Citizenship

What is a digital citizenship? Why is it important? and why is it important to discuss with our students?  Through our class ECMP 455 was have discussed the importance of a digital citizenship and started to create our own by creating our own blogs, signing up for twitter, and following and commenting on others blogs about our practice. This week I came across this blog post that I thought was very fitting for what we are learning and discussing in class. The blog discusses the benefits of teaching your students about digital citizenship and makes some great points that I never considered.

Students today are immersed and have been immersed in the world of social media for some time now, and it is our job as teachers to teachers to teach our 21st-century learned the importance of respect and responsibility when it comes to technology.  This article made me realize the role we play as teachers to teach our students the urlresponsibilities of technology,  Not all teachers like to implement technology into their classroom, so when will that give students the chance to learn and for us to teach them how to use social media responsibly? This blog really made me see technology from a different perspective. Yes technology is engaging, and student will become more engaged when we use it in lessons; but it provides us with the opportunity to open up discussions and teach students about the proper use of social media. Maybe if we teach them the consequences of posting certain images online, and that about cyber bullying and how negative comments online can effect others we can decrease a lot of negative things that come with social media. Knowledge is power! I recommend taking a look at this blog, if you are on the fence about the benefits of implementing technology into your classroom maybe it can help! It also provides great tips on how to teach about digital citizenship in your art classroom.

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Using Technology in your Visual Art Classroom

In class we have been exploring different resources that we as teachers can use in the classroom. We have been shown amazing things for subjects such as science, math, and english, so this made me ask myself, what does the world of technology have to offer for art teachers?

Claude_Monet_-_View_of_Vétheuil_-_Google_Art_ProjectSo I did some research and I have found some amazing sites that I hope one day I can use in my Visual Art classroom.

The first one I found is called Art Project Powered by Google. Have you ever went on google maps and tried to find your house? Well this is a similar concept. On this site you are able to pick different Art Galleries around the world and take a tour from the comfort of your own home or in this case classroom. Although many of us would like to visit these places and see these Art Galleries and Museums in real life, sometimes it doesn’t match are wallet. As a teacher you look for opportunities to take your students out and view art in a gallery setting, here you are able to view wide variety of art and take the tour in virtual reality. The great thing about this site is you can choose different view settings, so you can choose to take the tour by museum view only or you can focus on certain pieces of artwork in order to get a better look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.29.33 PM

The second resource I discovered is called Art Babble. This is a website where it gives your students the opportunity to learn about everything that has to do with art, through quality video productions. I found this site great because as the viewer you are able to choose through different categories such as medium, time period, themes, location, and people. Through this website I can see my students using it for research projects to learn about different artists, or using it myself by showing students certain videos in order to inspire or teach them about what others are doing around the world. Looking for great videos on art?  Art Babble is the place to go.

There are so many resources out there, no matter what subject you teach, all you have to do is be willing to hunt. Google is a great place to start, just type in your subject along with internet resources. I will definitely have to keep these ones in minds for when I do my pre-internship this semester.
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Gizmo’s and Gadgets

Today, we live in world full of gizmo’s and gadgets, at least that is what my grandparents would say. Unlike the world I grew up  in,  is only becoming more complex and is beginning to play a role in our everyday lives.  Now where does technology fit in your classroom? This semester, I am taking a class which teaches me different strategies on how to implement technology into my future classroom. During this class we are asked to share our ideas on the roles that technology plays in teaching and learning, our experiences with technology in the classroom, as well as sharing our  favourite tools that we can see ourselves using in the classroom.


I believe there is a place for technology in my classroom, but I do not want my classroom and students to be defined by it. There is still something incredible about doing things the old fashioned way, I could even describe it as an art form. Things that hold so much meaning and which is an incredible way of living are being lost. Things like receiving a letter in the mail from a friend across the world, running next door for a cup of sugar, or having all your recipes written by hand on cards and kept in a tin above your oven.


Now don’t get me wrong, I do not think all technology is evil. I just believe there are certain times and places for it, and that includes your classroom. Although we just began our journey in this class, we have already been introduced to some amazing things that you can find on your computer that you could introduce to your students in your classroom such as Quizlet, Evernote, Study Blue, and Poll Everywhere. Instead of constantly telling your students to keep their phones off and away, give them a time in the day where they can pull them out and become be a part of an interactive class poll. This is not only an engaging way to assess where your students are at, but students will also feel comfortable to take part since it is confidential whether you got the answer right or wrong.

I am still building up the courage to use some of these tools when I am in the classroom, but I have started small by using slideshows and google drive. The more comfortable I become, the more confident I will be to try it! It is just like anything, you try it once, and you learn from it.  In conclusion, I believe there are some great things we do and learn hands on, but we do live in world where technology is continuing to strive. Just like everything, there is a balance. Technology is engaging, and student can relate. I think it depends on knowing your students and what engages them. Some might feel left out because they don’t have a phone to participate, try something different then! Your class might all have phones and constantly wait for the opportunity that they can use it, then allow them to become engaged in their learning by using their phones! There is a balance, it is your job as a teacher to know how your students learn best and the appropriate times to include technology in your own classroom.

Stop to smell the roses…. or see the butterfly

I feel in today’s generation everything happens to fast, people do not wish to take the time and process for things to happen. If they are able to achieve less but get something done much faster, it is that method that they would choose. I took this photo because I was taking time out of my day to view and appreciate the beautiful environment around me. I would have not been able to see this butterfly in the grass, if I was on my regular ” hustle and bustle” to get through my day. Sometimes all you need is to slow things down, and appreciate the world around you.

monarch because when you think about it, it is truly an amazing and beautiful thing to witness and live in.


This past Summer I worked as a festival co-ordinator for the Windscape Kite Festival and Long Days Night Music Festival. For the Windscape Kite festival, the festival takes place on a field on the far side of my home town. During preparation for the festival, we build fences, fill gopher holes, and even the farmer who owns the land mows the field for us. While walking through the field one day, we discovered this nest hidden on the ground within the grass on the field. This nest would have not been recognized if that certain person had not been paying attention. We decided to mark the nest with a flag as close as we could , and try to keep these little birds safe during the summer. During the whole summer these eggs survived, people respected the environment and left them alone, and even the farmer who mowed the grass went around it. During the summer I kept on going back to check out how they were doing. During these check-ins I was able to witness and view from first hand the beautiful work of nature, evolution, and human kindness to our earth that enabled these birds to survive.

baby birds bird eggs


Growing up family had always been an important thing to me.  Know matter where I go in life or whatever happens, I know there will always be a place for me to go for love and support. We are fortunate to have family in our lives, knowing in the world there are some without



Image (32)

Human rights

Awhile back, I was asked to create a poster on a social issue or event that matter to you the most. Within this, I choose to focus myself on Human Rights Day. This gave me the opportunity to investigate what the word human rights meant, and what it was like for those who had or has had their rights token away. We sometimes take the important things that we already possesses for granted. We sometimes forget to appreciate where we live, and what we have the present time that some folks do not have the privilege of having.

The photo I used was part of a poster “installation” that I had created. The project required us to display our final product within the environment it was placed, and focus making it so it was able to stand out from the other “posters” within it on display. I choose to imitate taking the rights away from the people who were already using the board. It is one thing to tell someone about something, but when you are able to show or display that feeling or emotion to someone, I feel it makes much more of an impact. Displaying a poster is a right within itself, and some people do not possess these rights. So I took the rights away from the people in order to give them the perspective of the feeling and give them the time to appreciateFinal Portfolio (print) 9 or think about the day that is approaching, which is Human rights day.

Culture & Identity

Culture and identity are two things in our lives that we find precious and valuable. Growing up as a child we experience, and go through many things that make us who we are today. We never stop learning and growing, and with that we are on adventure to finding out who it is we are and our identity. One’s culture become very important to one another. It gives us a chance to connect with each other and also connect with are family in the past. In certain cultures we process certain ceremonies, traditions, or ways of living that we find most valuable. As human beings it gives us a chance to appreciate our ancestors, our traditions, and who we are as people.

I choose this photo because I took this photo while I was investigating a certain part of a culture within me that I new little about. This photo is taken at one of the first pow wows I ever attended. It was such a beautiful thing being surrounded by people who were all their for the same reason to cherish and celebrate ones culture with each other. The atmosphere was amazing with all the vibrant colours and the sounds of drums and singing, beating in diverse amount of rhythms and harmonies.  A few years ago I went on an amazing journey of looking into my Metis culture, and searching into the part of my ancestral history that had been lost within my family. Even though the Metis culture is its own culture within its self, I was most interested in the first nations background that was within my family and how the culture was hidden within my family, and reasons behind it. It interested me to study the past,  and the culture; and how the people within it were viewed in both the past and present and both the purpose and outcomes of the choices made. Within this journey, I was embraced by a beautiful culture and by beautiful people with stories and teachings that I had no idea I would encounter at the beginning of the journey to finding my culture and culture within my identityFinal Portfolio (print) 24.



Losing Faith in Humanity.

Being alive in this world is not always a “walk in the park”. There are certain things or experiences within our lives that sometimes makes us question the world and the people within it. You have to remember, with every storm comes the sunshine. Sometimes you are unable to recognize the good in life without the bad. Sometimes those experiences are their to prepare you for what is to come in your life, or makes you the person you are today. The photo’s I am posting today reflect on this theme. I have gathered some inspirational quotes, and designed them to be aesthetically pleasing. These quotes really inspire me and focus on the positive, on those days when you question the world or the people within it. Quotes provide us with inspirational input from other, it also gives us the connection to others letting us know ” we are not alone out there”.


Qoute designcropped-header

Stories in your lyrics.


Whether you know all the words, connect with what the musician is saying, or all are thinking the same thing ” this song is absolutely amazing!” Music is a amazing way to connect people together. I choose this photo because in life, I think music is a great way to connect people together. It is kind of an amazing thing, that over a hundred strangers are able to stand in one room, side by side and are all there for the same thing. To enjoy and connect with the musician who is telling their stories through there music and maybe relating to a similar experience we once had. Music and live music is very important to me in my life. I enjoy connect and relating my own stories with the ones the musician is telling me. I enjoy listening to music on my own, but going to a concert is an experience in itself. The lights, the smell, the people, the sound, and seeing how the musician can actually play that guitar or instrument other then just hearing it on your device. Seeing how the music effects other people, and how it brings strangers together in order to have the entire experience, which might make a persons bad day, gone good.