Educational Field Experience


I believe the best way of learning is through experience and observation, this semester I experienced the incredible journey of being able to observe in another teachers classroom and see different perspectives on how other people execute their teaching styles. When I first started the work experience, the focus question gave me the opportunity to think about certain aspects of the school in another way and really get to know both the atmosphere and the students in which I was observing. I believe knowing the people and the place in which you are teaching is way to understand the environment and people surrounding as a whole. The focus questions gave me a chance to see different perspectives, so when it comes time when I am able to teach on my own, I have already had a chance to learn who I am as person. It gave me the chance to see the way others do things, so I am able to respond in a positive manner.

Each focus gave me a chance to go within the school, and really get to know the students and teachers within it.  Each week the teacher and I,would discuss my question and she would then give me what her response was to the question or guide me in the direction of another teachers guidance in order to answer my question through my own perspective by experiencing and seeing it with my own eyes.  imgresWithout the focus question, I would have looked at the students, the school, in a completely different way. From a far away quick observation it is really hard to get a grasp on what is happening, but when you are given these certain things to focus on it really opens a person eyes into learning how a certain school and its students function.  Within my experience I was able to visit not only the art educations teachers classroom, but I was also able to observe the special needs class, the kindergarten class, the grade 5 class, the grade class, and have a visit with both the learning leader and principal of the school. I was able to observe and see how the different teachers choose to execute their different teaching styles, according to the diverse classrooms around the school. In class and during seminars, I learned that every class is not the same and also the people within it, and you have to adjust and adapt to the students according to their learning abilities and behaviour. Observing in the school gave me the opportunity to actually experience and see the different learning styles and diverse amount of students, it gave me the chance to actually have to adjust my own teaching methods, in order to adapt to the students that you are teaching.

14227693994_63dfd3d5c0The best way of learning is through observation and experience and I feel really grateful that we were given the chance to go into a school and and be able to have a chance to experience being a teacher first hand, with some guidance and assistance. This experience gave me the chance to really to get to know the students, school, and environment around it up close. I really got to know the people within it and see the the way they are able to make choices, and execute teaching in a successful matter in order to help students to be successful in learning. In this experience, it gave me a chance to both reflect on myself and others. I had a chance to both observe and reflect on the experience, so when it comes time for me to teach on my own, I will not be approaching these subjects for the first time but already had a true grasp on what others have done in the past; and what I think is best for me to do in order to be the best educator I am able to be.




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