Class facilitation and resource creation

This semester for our ECMP 455 class we were giving the opportunity and asked to facilitate and teach our class about a resource we have found. When first given this project I was very intimidated, I never taught a class or lesson online. It was weird at first teaching this class online, I felt like I was talking to myself most of the time. It was a neat thing to do but I think being in the same room as my students, and having their energy and presence to get me through the day. For my presentation my partner and I decided to teach our class about Storybird. Storybird is a visual story telling community which combines stunning visual art from accredited artists with english outcomes that allow students to make long stories, short stories, and poems, and allows them to share them to their peers and save them as keep sake. The artwork in this website lends itself really nicely to the stories and has a lot of great features such as making assignments, grading, and descriptive feedback for your learners. Students not only can create in Storybird but they also can be inspired by others from reading other students projects that they have made on the website. This website is great. I have provided a S’more that we created that touches on all the benefits of Storybird and how it connects to the Curriculum. Storybird is an online resource that I would love to incorporate into my class one day and I really enjoyed being able to share its benefits with my viewers as well as my peers.

I have created a screen cast in Screen Castify, where I give you a short tour of Storybird. In my cast I take you on a tour of what Storybird will look like both as a teacher and a student. Through this process I learned so much. I never did a screen cast before other than in my web lesson on the resource. I was a bit nervous to do the screen cast, but in the end I see Screen Castify being a great resource in the future. I really recommend you take a tour and try it out!


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Contributing to the Learning of Others

It is the end of the semester, and through this class I was asked to reflect on my own learning as well as my contribution of learning to others. During this class I was giving the opportunity to learn more about blogs, I was able to reflect on the blog I made in ECMP 355, and make several improvements throughout the semester in 455 in order to improve my blog identity. At the beginning of this class I had very few blog posts. Even in ECMP 355 I had trouble creating posts based on my fear of technology and sharing my words with the world. This semester I believe I improved in this category. Although the blog prompts assisted through topics, I feel I began to develop more confidence in myself and sharing my thoughts and reflections to the world. Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.50.14 PM
In class I was constantly learning new things from online resources to new techniques I can use in my own class. I was able to comment and hear from other people from as the class as well as people from other communities who contained new knowledge to share. I have provided a Google Doc which focused on my contributions in this class.

For this class the resource that I used the least was Google plus Community. I did not like using google plus, because it seemed like we had so many implementations we had to focus on. The resource I found the least helpful, received the least attention.  Although I love google and all it has to offer, and did not find the community useful other then for when I needed to check on the recording of class to remember a specific part that was said.

Through twitter I shared things that I was learning through my education that I found useful to share to other educators, I shared articles that helped me and that I felt relevant to teaching, I celebrating my learning with others by sharing my accomplishments, and I helped others by sharing post that they were passionate about with my followers as well. From day one of ECMP 455 I had only four tweets. At the end of this class I am now standing at 63. I never seen the benefit;s of twitter until now, and even though I cannot see myself becoming the new face of Twitter anytime soon, I now have a appreciation for it. I hope to continue to use twitter as resource in the future, by constantly learning new teaching methods through the sharing that is occurring in the teaching community, as well as share what I am learning through my internship that I will be attending in the fall.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.06.59 PM


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Summary of Learning




For our summary of learning final project we did a group video. We we inspired by a video that has been streaming over the web. We thought our reflections on our learning in this class would be great to mash into the lyrics of a variety of different songs along with costumes.  We started out by reflecting on the things that we learned from this class, the things we will never forget, as well the useful information that we will take with us in our future careers.

As a group we decided on themes of genre’s of songs, and hunted through our houses on costumes that we felt went with genre’s we picked. When we got together, we sat down as group and sorted what we learned in class into themes, and combined them into genre’s that we found fitting.  When creating the lyrics we collaborated our ideas, and made sure it sync’d well with the song. Some things we discussed in our video was twitter, blogging, cybersluething, and the presentations we each did in this class throughout the semester.

Some of the challenges we faced were syncing the music and songs with the video, making sure the lyrics meshed well with the songs, and since we all did not have singing backgrounds we may have had challenges in vocals. Although the words did not mesh well with the video, I believe it just added more personality to the video. It reminded me of an old Japanese movie where the words do not match the voices.  We choose the video because we wanted to show our love of learning and laughs we had along the way. We might have struggled with the technology, but that just goes to show that we are continuing to learn and grow everyday from the new resources and information we have been given. Sometimes as teachers you have to go with the flow, and go for it. 

As educators we are continuing to learn and grow. I look forward to using what I learned in this class to educate students on digital citizenship and provide them with engaging resources in my future classroom.


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It may not have been a thing of the past, but it has become much common in the future. Technology over the years has been constantly changing and continually become more of our everyday lives, but what have been the consequences. Yes, we have all seen the movies of the world turning to ruin, or having technology become so advance that it thinks and acts on its own, knowing every step or action we take, and trying to take over the world because its program mind thinks its best for our future.  In today’s world we are not fighting off robots or trying to save the world, but what consequences has resulted in today’s technological advances? Cyberbullying has been an issue that has been occurring over the past years. I have heard many stories of cyberbullying occurring. To many it might be a new terminology, because in the past we did not have our devices to hide behind, rather we had to say it to peoples face, which many would not choose to do.

In class we learned about Amanda Todd, and her story of cyberbullying. During class we had the opportunity to speak to Amanda Todd’s mother, Carol on cyberbullying and how it affected her daughters life. Carol spoke to our class on the importance of teaching students on digital citizenship, and what we can do as teachers, students, and parents to create a change. Carol Todd is currently using her tragedy to make a change by creating support groups, talking to educators and universities such as ourselves, and other organizations.

We may not be fighting robots, be we are at war against ourselves. This is not the only situation I have heard of. Did we not learn from our parents, that if we do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all, and this does include the internet. I believe  this presentation has this opened my eyes of teaching students about digital citizenship. Technology is new, so it has not been incorporated as much in the past. Now that is becoming more of a part of our everyday lives, we much educate the next generations on this issue.  Teach them how permanent  something that you post can be. A picture or message can change your life and how people perceive you by the click of your fingertips.

I hope that in the future that we do not have to fear technology, and the people behind the screen, But we can teach generations on how to smart. In the end we want to use technology for our benefit, and not fear it and let it take over our lives.

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My hour of Coding


This week I was prompted to try a website called Hour of Code. With a background in design, I have seen and experienced code in various ways.  It is now the 21st century and the popularity of the internet has come increasingly more popular, and the demand for websites and those who know code has become ever so more demanding. Before trying this website I have never heard of it before. For the activity I choose the demo Mindcraft. I am not much of a video game person so all I have heard about Mindcraft before now is that kids love it, and you are able to build cities and towns.  Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.05.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.39.48 PM

While trying out this exercise, I found it very useful.  Although I do not think children will realize their potential of the learning they have developed through this game until much later because they will only connect and see the site only as a fun game; It is a great learning device. While playing the game on my own I learned many new skills which relates to coding, and I also used a lot of problem solving skills in the activities in order to achieve what it asked me to. The only problem with the website that I believe they can improve on is the videos. At first I did not see the videos to be important, because it did not match the website and the audience which is children. At first I skipped the videos thinking it was an ad, after realizing that the videos were apart of the process, I watched them and learned so much more. I believe they could improve this by having the videos which are for kids, with kids in them. I believe doing this will not only help the kids connect with the material, but allows the students see themselves in the subject matter.  Overall, I really enjoyed this experience of learning about this new resource!


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Using Technology to Change the World


Last class we focused on how  technology can serve as tool for social change. Sometimes we focuses on the negative of technology ,but we do not realize the power we possess to make an impact in the world. In the past we did not have so many tools available to us in order to portray how we felt about certain topics or issues that were happening all around us. When we look further into history we didn’t even have the technology to know what important events were happening at that moment. Today by the click of a button we can tell the world how we feel, and what is happening from the tip of our fingertips. In class we discussed a number of social media campaigns and activist that we have seen in social media in the past such as the ASL ice bucket challenge, and Kony 2012, some have been successful and some have not.
Some benefits of social media campaigns is that it is fast, it is world wide, and it can reach a wide range of audience members. We have seen media being used in the positive light on shows such as ellen who helps those in need, or as simple as someone finding a lost wedding ring on a beach and reaching out to the world in order to return it to its owner.

meditateyourlife1 via Compfight ccWhile thinking social activism in the classroom, I had a chance to address issues to my grade 12 classroom. I have introduced them to the global issue  of consumerism, and I have asked them to address their thoughts and feelings on the issue through expressing it through their art. Although I am only addressing a small audience and my students are only addressing the school in which they go to, I feel like I am making a difference to generations on issues that need to be addressed. I feel like the students really took to the project, and enjoy learning about the issues that surround them, and how they can make an impact in their school and community using their voice as an expression.

I believe that although I am only addressing one class, that class is addressing certain issues to their community and those who surround it. I believe we can make a difference even in small ways.  Although I am not addressing certain issues using social media, I feel like I am impacting the school in my way. I hope to continue to the power I have as a teacher and make a change and teach students to make a change. In the future maybe I can a impact by having the students addressing an wider audience by using media as a tool for social change.





Another Great Resource!

tori_gmt via Compfight ccWith pre-internship soon approaching, I have had lesson and units on mind. The last couple weeks. I have been planning and preparing my unit that I will be teaching these next three weeks to a high school visual art class.

While browsing through teacher inspired blogs, I came across a blogpost which introduced me to another great resource, which I will defiantly find useful to use during my three week block of pre-internship. This tool called Wiser, is a free service which provides you access to including a blended worksheets in your lessons.  While using this tool you can create writing assignments, fill in the blank worksheets, and even create an interactive  image assignment.

This tool is easy to use, and found that it included subjects of all kind. On this website you can look at other worksheets that are included in the community, or create your own worksheet, which allows you to fill in the questions or subject area you wish to cover.

This week I found myself being frustrated because I was unable to find certain worksheets that provided the correct information, and asked the right questions.Photo Credit: <a href="">fixyourlaptopyourself</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>. A lot of the time I ended up creating my own, which was frustrating and took time. Others might find this difficult and frustrating as well. This website provides you with easy access to create your own worksheets, and provides your students a chance to utilize technology.  All of the worksheets you create can be shared with each of your students on google classroom, and you can save the ones you created!  If you do not have google classroom the website also allows you to share the link with the students, and sign in with a access code.  The blog I read includes a great video if you need help getting started! I included it here as well, since I found it very helpful.




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How do you Organize a Space Party? You Planet!



This week we were asked to invest certain tools that we can use as teachers in our own classrooms and provide an overview. The tool I researched was NASA’s The Space Place. Before I had know idea this resource existed, but now that I know, I am glad I do. This tool is a sponsored student website by NASA, which provides a number of resources for students in middle school and high school who are interested in space, science, and astronomy. This site includes all kinds of resources from galleries, to books, games, and even activities. This website is super easy to navigate through, and allows you to explore different things, all based on your interest in science. This would definitely be a benefit for a teacher to use in the classroom, she not only could provide this resource to allow students to go explore on their own, but there is also a section just aimed for parents and educators. Having trouble finding appropriate activities to do with a unit of space?

This website provides classroom activities that you can include in your classroom, and a teacher would get great use from the gallery when studying certain planets. I actually have no complaints about this resource, it would be great to use in the classroom for science. When I looked through it I would use it more in a elementary or middle school setting, I think it might be more geared to a more younger crowd, since science seems to become more complex as you get older. I believe this  source would work good for grade 6 science classroom in the Saskatchewan Curriculum

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.53.17 PM

I defiantly recommend on checking it out whether your a science teacher or not. Who knows you might use it some day, or you might just learn some really great things about science and space!

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Creativity in Education


The other day in class I introduced a lesson plan to my peers in which was intended for a grade 9 visual arts class. Me and and my partner introduced the terms of Realism, Impressionism, and Symbolism in relation to Identity. We showed examples of many artists that used these style in their work and then we asked the class to create a their own self portrait using two of these styles. When we told the class they were required to do a self portrait that represented themselves, there were many frightened faces in the crowd.  Even when I explained that drawing they created did not have to be a realistic picture but just symbolize who they are using colour’s and symbols it did not offer any relief. For some reason in education the subjects of art or math freak people out. If I was introducing this subject to a younger grade such as grade 2-5, I believe the kids would be thrilled about the task and go at it with out any struggle or fear at all. Why at a older age we fear creativity? I believe in this video Ken Robertson says it all. This is a longer Ted Talks but I really recommend watching it, He speaks the words out of my mind in humours and amazing way about creativity in education. He brings up a quote  ” Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso. I believe this is very true and the reason why people fear art once they are older. Society focuses on only the one side of your brain and people lose insight and the importance of creativity. Check it out!



The Innovation of Loneliness






A classmate shared this video with me, I believe it is a very interesting concept and hits the truth spot on. Depending on how you look at this video it can be either very depressing or reassuring. I do not see this video as depressing, I am very intersted in the behaivor of the human race and the way they were created.  I believe it is an amazing way of explaining how we are made and meant to function. This video is a complete package the way the person communicates the concept to the audience and the content they talk about is truly interesting.  People are all so talented, both on what they are discovering and creating. Check it out!