Even though my class for my learning project is over, I decided to keep on documenting my process of the banjo. I feel like it is a great way to document my process, so when I get in those ruts of feeling like I am not achieving anything I can go back to the beginning and review how much I have progressed. I changed the finger picking slightly in my pattern, where I thought it is much more comfortable to play and even sounds better. Now that I have the notes and finger pattern memorized I am going to work on the speed and smoothness and then hopefully I am able to start adding some vocals. Enjoy!


Banjo 2!

So I have been practising a bit, but I feel like I will need to get in a lot more practice in if I want to  join a bluegrass band or tour with Mumford and Sons. The banjo is a lot harder then it looks, and takes patients and determination. This is the second video after some practice. I feel like a turtle trying to play this instrument! I am so slow.Some challenges I am experiencing is getting used the hand movements when I am strumming and picking the strings, I think this will come with practice. I believe once I get used to the movement of the banjo finger picking, I will be more comfortable where the strings are and where my hands are placed.



Let the Banjo Playing begin!

Playing the banjo has always been on my bucket list, so this summer I decided to take banjo lessons. Unfortunately, because summers are busy I was only able to get 4 lessons. When I heard that one of the projects we were able to choose from was a learning project, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to learn by teaching myself.  So I gathered different kinds of sources to help me teach myself.  I searched the internet and found happy banjo dude on YouTube, He posts videos of himself playing different popular songs played on the banjo. He even offers paid lessons but what I really found helpful was his website where he posted free tablature of the songs he shows you how to play, for free.  Next I found a resource on Youtube that explained to me how to read tablature correctly, and I also bought a book on how to play the banjo at the music store which came highly recommend by all of the staff.  My goal is to be able to play ” Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show  and “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. I would like to learn more but before I run, I need to learn how to walk. After my first session I decided that the best method of documenting my progress is not to document me playing the banjo every time I pick the instrument up, but to practice for the full week and after the week is over I will document me trying to play the songs.  Any tips by anyone is appreciated! Wish me luck! Let the banjo playing begin!