Class facilitation and resource creation

This semester for our ECMP 455 class we were giving the opportunity and asked to facilitate and teach our class about a resource we have found. When first given this project I was very intimidated, I never taught a class or lesson online. It was weird at first teaching this class online, I felt like I was talking to myself most of the time. It was a neat thing to do but I think being in the same room as my students, and having their energy and presence to get me through the day. For my presentation my partner and I decided to teach our class about Storybird. Storybird is a visual story telling community which combines stunning visual art from accredited artists with english outcomes that allow students to make long stories, short stories, and poems, and allows them to share them to their peers and save them as keep sake. The artwork in this website lends itself really nicely to the stories and has a lot of great features such as making assignments, grading, and descriptive feedback for your learners. Students not only can create in Storybird but they also can be inspired by others from reading other students projects that they have made on the website. This website is great. I have provided a S’more that we created that touches on all the benefits of Storybird and how it connects to the Curriculum. Storybird is an online resource that I would love to incorporate into my class one day and I really enjoyed being able to share its benefits with my viewers as well as my peers.

I have created a screen cast in Screen Castify, where I give you a short tour of Storybird. In my cast I take you on a tour of what Storybird will look like both as a teacher and a student. Through this process I learned so much. I never did a screen cast before other than in my web lesson on the resource. I was a bit nervous to do the screen cast, but in the end I see Screen Castify being a great resource in the future. I really recommend you take a tour and try it out!


Thanks for Reading!


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