Summary of Learning




For our summary of learning final project we did a group video. We we inspired by a video that has been streaming over the web. We thought our reflections on our learning in this class would be great to mash into the lyrics of a variety of different songs along with costumes.  We started out by reflecting on the things that we learned from this class, the things we will never forget, as well the useful information that we will take with us in our future careers.

As a group we decided on themes of genre’s of songs, and hunted through our houses on costumes that we felt went with genre’s we picked. When we got together, we sat down as group and sorted what we learned in class into themes, and combined them into genre’s that we found fitting.  When creating the lyrics we collaborated our ideas, and made sure it sync’d well with the song. Some things we discussed in our video was twitter, blogging, cybersluething, and the presentations we each did in this class throughout the semester.

Some of the challenges we faced were syncing the music and songs with the video, making sure the lyrics meshed well with the songs, and since we all did not have singing backgrounds we may have had challenges in vocals. Although the words did not mesh well with the video, I believe it just added more personality to the video. It reminded me of an old Japanese movie where the words do not match the voices.  We choose the video because we wanted to show our love of learning and laughs we had along the way. We might have struggled with the technology, but that just goes to show that we are continuing to learn and grow everyday from the new resources and information we have been given. Sometimes as teachers you have to go with the flow, and go for it. 

As educators we are continuing to learn and grow. I look forward to using what I learned in this class to educate students on digital citizenship and provide them with engaging resources in my future classroom.


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