It may not have been a thing of the past, but it has become much common in the future. Technology over the years has been constantly changing and continually become more of our everyday lives, but what have been the consequences. Yes, we have all seen the movies of the world turning to ruin, or having technology become so advance that it thinks and acts on its own, knowing every step or action we take, and trying to take over the world because its program mind thinks its best for our future.  In today’s world we are not fighting off robots or trying to save the world, but what consequences has resulted in today’s technological advances? Cyberbullying has been an issue that has been occurring over the past years. I have heard many stories of cyberbullying occurring. To many it might be a new terminology, because in the past we did not have our devices to hide behind, rather we had to say it to peoples face, which many would not choose to do.

In class we learned about Amanda Todd, and her story of cyberbullying. During class we had the opportunity to speak to Amanda Todd’s mother, Carol on cyberbullying and how it affected her daughters life. Carol spoke to our class on the importance of teaching students on digital citizenship, and what we can do as teachers, students, and parents to create a change. Carol Todd is currently using her tragedy to make a change by creating support groups, talking to educators and universities such as ourselves, and other organizations.

We may not be fighting robots, be we are at war against ourselves. This is not the only situation I have heard of. Did we not learn from our parents, that if we do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all, and this does include the internet. I believe  this presentation has this opened my eyes of teaching students about digital citizenship. Technology is new, so it has not been incorporated as much in the past. Now that is becoming more of a part of our everyday lives, we much educate the next generations on this issue.  Teach them how permanent  something that you post can be. A picture or message can change your life and how people perceive you by the click of your fingertips.

I hope that in the future that we do not have to fear technology, and the people behind the screen, But we can teach generations on how to smart. In the end we want to use technology for our benefit, and not fear it and let it take over our lives.

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