My hour of Coding


This week I was prompted to try a website called Hour of Code. With a background in design, I have seen and experienced code in various ways.  It is now the 21st century and the popularity of the internet has come increasingly more popular, and the demand for websites and those who know code has become ever so more demanding. Before trying this website I have never heard of it before. For the activity I choose the demo Mindcraft. I am not much of a video game person so all I have heard about Mindcraft before now is that kids love it, and you are able to build cities and towns.  Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.05.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.39.48 PM

While trying out this exercise, I found it very useful.  Although I do not think children will realize their potential of the learning they have developed through this game until much later because they will only connect and see the site only as a fun game; It is a great learning device. While playing the game on my own I learned many new skills which relates to coding, and I also used a lot of problem solving skills in the activities in order to achieve what it asked me to. The only problem with the website that I believe they can improve on is the videos. At first I did not see the videos to be important, because it did not match the website and the audience which is children. At first I skipped the videos thinking it was an ad, after realizing that the videos were apart of the process, I watched them and learned so much more. I believe they could improve this by having the videos which are for kids, with kids in them. I believe doing this will not only help the kids connect with the material, but allows the students see themselves in the subject matter.  Overall, I really enjoyed this experience of learning about this new resource!


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