What is your online presence?


Have you ever wondered what information the internet can reveal about a person or what your online presence reveals about you? This week in class we were provided the opportunity to investigate certain individuals on the internet, and while doing this we learned just how easy that was. During class we were put into groups and given a specific person that we had to 15 mins to “cybersleuth”.The concept cybersleuth is defined as an(1) A person who searches the Internet for information about a company, both positive and negative, to keep abreast of public opinion. All Internet facilities are used, including the Web, newsgroups and chat rooms.
(2) A person who does any kind of detective work using the Internet.d find out as much as we know about them.

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Through this process I learned how important it is to be aware of how much information you provide online. Through this process we were able to find out the age, race, family members names, and even the address of that certain individual. I really enjoyed this activity, although it scared me a bit to know how much information an individual can find on you, it is an important wake up call. If you do not share to much, the information will not exist in the world of the internet. I believe this was an eye opening activity and it gives teachers the opportunity to teach students about their online presence. In this world of technology that continues to thrive and become a everyday custom to our students , it is important for us as teachers to educate students on the safety of providing information online so they do not fall victim’s to cyberbullying and cybersleuthing. Technology and the internet is not going way, so we better make sure the youth knows how to be smart and safe while using. it. This activity would teach them that it is easy for employers to look up information on them, and realize what sort of image does their online presence say to others. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “What is your online presence?

  1. mskeller says:

    I agree with you, it scares me a little bit too, that someone can find so much about someone else just by searching on google. I think that this activity would be great for students to try out because when I was in high school I was naive and never thought employers would search me, but actually they do. Also, I think that if I had the opportunity to do an activity like this in high school I wouldn’t have posted so many ridiculous pictures that I am now going back to delete.
    Thanks for the post! 🙂

  2. emilyperreault says:

    I thought that this class was very interesting as well. We talked about sharing to much information online, do you think this is something you have done? Have you checked your online presence to see how much information can find about you? I agree it would be interesting to do this activity as a class and having them search for information on their own teacher would be fun to!

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