Using Technology to Change the World


Last class we focused on how  technology can serve as tool for social change. Sometimes we focuses on the negative of technology ,but we do not realize the power we possess to make an impact in the world. In the past we did not have so many tools available to us in order to portray how we felt about certain topics or issues that were happening all around us. When we look further into history we didn’t even have the technology to know what important events were happening at that moment. Today by the click of a button we can tell the world how we feel, and what is happening from the tip of our fingertips. In class we discussed a number of social media campaigns and activist that we have seen in social media in the past such as the ASL ice bucket challenge, and Kony 2012, some have been successful and some have not.
Some benefits of social media campaigns is that it is fast, it is world wide, and it can reach a wide range of audience members. We have seen media being used in the positive light on shows such as ellen who helps those in need, or as simple as someone finding a lost wedding ring on a beach and reaching out to the world in order to return it to its owner.

meditateyourlife1 via Compfight ccWhile thinking social activism in the classroom, I had a chance to address issues to my grade 12 classroom. I have introduced them to the global issue  of consumerism, and I have asked them to address their thoughts and feelings on the issue through expressing it through their art. Although I am only addressing a small audience and my students are only addressing the school in which they go to, I feel like I am making a difference to generations on issues that need to be addressed. I feel like the students really took to the project, and enjoy learning about the issues that surround them, and how they can make an impact in their school and community using their voice as an expression.

I believe that although I am only addressing one class, that class is addressing certain issues to their community and those who surround it. I believe we can make a difference even in small ways.  Although I am not addressing certain issues using social media, I feel like I am impacting the school in my way. I hope to continue to the power I have as a teacher and make a change and teach students to make a change. In the future maybe I can a impact by having the students addressing an wider audience by using media as a tool for social change.






One thought on “Using Technology to Change the World

  1. christine hall says:

    Fabulous reflection, Charis! I really like your perspective on change and actually “doing” the change for the world. I love that you are addressing a larger community to impact. In my class I had my students tweet out their findings, research, facts, or experiences on a global issues they have chosen to represent in an art piece. We made a class hashtag, #globalissues10. I was sure to pick a hashtag that was not being used already. My students then, impacted a larger audience on a different platform. Excellent work!! I am excited to see the results of your work!!!

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