My hour of Coding


This week I was prompted to try a website called Hour of Code. With a background in design, I have seen and experienced code in various ways.  It is now the 21st century and the popularity of the internet has come increasingly more popular, and the demand for websites and those who know code has become ever so more demanding. Before trying this website I have never heard of it before. For the activity I choose the demo Mindcraft. I am not much of a video game person so all I have heard about Mindcraft before now is that kids love it, and you are able to build cities and towns.  Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.05.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.39.48 PM

While trying out this exercise, I found it very useful.  Although I do not think children will realize their potential of the learning they have developed through this game until much later because they will only connect and see the site only as a fun game; It is a great learning device. While playing the game on my own I learned many new skills which relates to coding, and I also used a lot of problem solving skills in the activities in order to achieve what it asked me to. The only problem with the website that I believe they can improve on is the videos. At first I did not see the videos to be important, because it did not match the website and the audience which is children. At first I skipped the videos thinking it was an ad, after realizing that the videos were apart of the process, I watched them and learned so much more. I believe they could improve this by having the videos which are for kids, with kids in them. I believe doing this will not only help the kids connect with the material, but allows the students see themselves in the subject matter.  Overall, I really enjoyed this experience of learning about this new resource!


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What is your online presence?


Have you ever wondered what information the internet can reveal about a person or what your online presence reveals about you? This week in class we were provided the opportunity to investigate certain individuals on the internet, and while doing this we learned just how easy that was. During class we were put into groups and given a specific person that we had to 15 mins to “cybersleuth”.The concept cybersleuth is defined as an(1) A person who searches the Internet for information about a company, both positive and negative, to keep abreast of public opinion. All Internet facilities are used, including the Web, newsgroups and chat rooms.
(2) A person who does any kind of detective work using the Internet.d find out as much as we know about them.

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Through this process I learned how important it is to be aware of how much information you provide online. Through this process we were able to find out the age, race, family members names, and even the address of that certain individual. I really enjoyed this activity, although it scared me a bit to know how much information an individual can find on you, it is an important wake up call. If you do not share to much, the information will not exist in the world of the internet. I believe this was an eye opening activity and it gives teachers the opportunity to teach students about their online presence. In this world of technology that continues to thrive and become a everyday custom to our students , it is important for us as teachers to educate students on the safety of providing information online so they do not fall victim’s to cyberbullying and cybersleuthing. Technology and the internet is not going way, so we better make sure the youth knows how to be smart and safe while using. it. This activity would teach them that it is easy for employers to look up information on them, and realize what sort of image does their online presence say to others. What do you think?

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Using Technology to Change the World


Last class we focused on how  technology can serve as tool for social change. Sometimes we focuses on the negative of technology ,but we do not realize the power we possess to make an impact in the world. In the past we did not have so many tools available to us in order to portray how we felt about certain topics or issues that were happening all around us. When we look further into history we didn’t even have the technology to know what important events were happening at that moment. Today by the click of a button we can tell the world how we feel, and what is happening from the tip of our fingertips. In class we discussed a number of social media campaigns and activist that we have seen in social media in the past such as the ASL ice bucket challenge, and Kony 2012, some have been successful and some have not.
Some benefits of social media campaigns is that it is fast, it is world wide, and it can reach a wide range of audience members. We have seen media being used in the positive light on shows such as ellen who helps those in need, or as simple as someone finding a lost wedding ring on a beach and reaching out to the world in order to return it to its owner.

meditateyourlife1 via Compfight ccWhile thinking social activism in the classroom, I had a chance to address issues to my grade 12 classroom. I have introduced them to the global issue  of consumerism, and I have asked them to address their thoughts and feelings on the issue through expressing it through their art. Although I am only addressing a small audience and my students are only addressing the school in which they go to, I feel like I am making a difference to generations on issues that need to be addressed. I feel like the students really took to the project, and enjoy learning about the issues that surround them, and how they can make an impact in their school and community using their voice as an expression.

I believe that although I am only addressing one class, that class is addressing certain issues to their community and those who surround it. I believe we can make a difference even in small ways.  Although I am not addressing certain issues using social media, I feel like I am impacting the school in my way. I hope to continue to the power I have as a teacher and make a change and teach students to make a change. In the future maybe I can a impact by having the students addressing an wider audience by using media as a tool for social change.





“Education will create knowledge and from knowledge will come understanding.”

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Last month in class we were given the opportunity to attend a lecture given by Justice Murray Sinclair, who is the chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This lecture gave me the opportunity to learn more about the TRC and about the process of reconciliation in Canada.  During his lecture talked about four important questions that every child should one day be able to answer:

1.Where do I come from?
2.Where am I going?
3.Why am I here?
4.Who am I?

What really  stuck with me during Justice Murray Sinclair’s speech was when he spoke about his childhood. I was really able to relate to his story about often being told to tell people he was French or Spanish when asked his background.  I am a Metis woman who also struggled with my identity.  I found out that I was Metis when I was high school, and when I discovered this I wanted to learn more about my families background and where I come from. While investigating into my family I learned I was not told about my culture because my grandma, great grandma, and those before her were taught to hide their Metis culture. When asking my grandma about our families past you could see the teachings that was instilled in her which I would not recognizing till much later. She told me that we were french, and we were not tell anyone else otherwise.  At this time I was furious with what she was telling me, why would my grandma deny who she is and were she comes from?

I would later learn this was a vicious cycle. My grandma was taught to hide who she was, just as Justice Murray Sinclair said he was told to tell people he was French or Spanish. Just as Murray Sinclair said his grandmother said she did it to save his life, my grandma told me she and her mother did it in order to save their family from being mistreated and bullied.  My heart now aches for my grandma and those before her.  My furry has now diminished and I do not blame, but I know there needs to be a change. I have spent the rest of my life trying to find out more about who I am and my Metis culture. I want the rest of my family to have access to where they come from and their background, because as a future teacher I have learned about the circle of courage and how important our human needs of Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity are. 19125018894_5b8aa26600_o

Through Justice Murray Sinclair speech he talks about the power of education and through knowledge comes understanding. I believe this was a very powerful message. I believe that if we can teach in schools about treaty education we can make a change. Teaching this knowledge is not to guilt people in what happened, ” truth hurts sometimes, but silence kills”.
What we are doing might not change things now, but I believe we will begin to see changes in the future generations.  Although we feel shame and that it is hard to talk about, it is important to learn about history in order to understand change, as well as make change. ” The road we travel is equal in importance to the destination we seek. There are no shortcuts. When it comes to truth and reconciliation, we are all forced to go the distance”- Justice Murray Sinclair, Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.