Another Great Resource!

tori_gmt via Compfight ccWith pre-internship soon approaching, I have had lesson and units on mind. The last couple weeks. I have been planning and preparing my unit that I will be teaching these next three weeks to a high school visual art class.

While browsing through teacher inspired blogs, I came across a blogpost which introduced me to another great resource, which I will defiantly find useful to use during my three week block of pre-internship. This tool called Wiser, is a free service which provides you access to including a blended worksheets in your lessons.  While using this tool you can create writing assignments, fill in the blank worksheets, and even create an interactive  image assignment.

This tool is easy to use, and found that it included subjects of all kind. On this website you can look at other worksheets that are included in the community, or create your own worksheet, which allows you to fill in the questions or subject area you wish to cover.

This week I found myself being frustrated because I was unable to find certain worksheets that provided the correct information, and asked the right questions.Photo Credit: <a href="">fixyourlaptopyourself</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>. A lot of the time I ended up creating my own, which was frustrating and took time. Others might find this difficult and frustrating as well. This website provides you with easy access to create your own worksheets, and provides your students a chance to utilize technology.  All of the worksheets you create can be shared with each of your students on google classroom, and you can save the ones you created!  If you do not have google classroom the website also allows you to share the link with the students, and sign in with a access code.  The blog I read includes a great video if you need help getting started! I included it here as well, since I found it very helpful.




Thanks for reading!

Charis 🙂


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