How do you Organize a Space Party? You Planet!



This week we were asked to invest certain tools that we can use as teachers in our own classrooms and provide an overview. The tool I researched was NASA’s The Space Place. Before I had know idea this resource existed, but now that I know, I am glad I do. This tool is a sponsored student website by NASA, which provides a number of resources for students in middle school and high school who are interested in space, science, and astronomy. This site includes all kinds of resources from galleries, to books, games, and even activities. This website is super easy to navigate through, and allows you to explore different things, all based on your interest in science. This would definitely be a benefit for a teacher to use in the classroom, she not only could provide this resource to allow students to go explore on their own, but there is also a section just aimed for parents and educators. Having trouble finding appropriate activities to do with a unit of space?

This website provides classroom activities that you can include in your classroom, and a teacher would get great use from the gallery when studying certain planets. I actually have no complaints about this resource, it would be great to use in the classroom for science. When I looked through it I would use it more in a elementary or middle school setting, I think it might be more geared to a more younger crowd, since science seems to become more complex as you get older. I believe this  source would work good for grade 6 science classroom in the Saskatchewan Curriculum

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.53.17 PM

I defiantly recommend on checking it out whether your a science teacher or not. Who knows you might use it some day, or you might just learn some really great things about science and space!

Thanks for reading! 



5 thoughts on “How do you Organize a Space Party? You Planet!

  1. mskeller says:

    Charis, I love love love that you titled your poem with a joke. I actually LOL’d 🙂
    I love how to chose to include a picture of the curriculum too!

  2. toriglynn says:

    Hi Charis,
    I looked over The Space Place and I agree with you! The resource has a lot of information about space and our solar system. Looking at this resource, I believe you could pick out a lot of ideas for lessons in multiple subject areas. For example, writing an essay on the information given asks students to use skills developed in ELA, and looking at distances and units of measure could be applied to mathematics. Thank you for sharing this resource. I think that it is applicable across numerous subjects if you look at it with an open mind.

  3. harderkylie says:

    Hi Charis,

    I agree with Nikki! The title of this blog post is awesome! It definitely got my attention and the picture is great. It is interesting to see you don’t have any complaints about this tool! I will have to check it out now.

  4. shalaynemcdermit says:

    You had me engaged at the title of this blog. What a great idea, I might have to use something like this 🙂 I am not a science major, but thanks for sharing this tool! I will have to look into it for future use!

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