Digital Citizenship

What is a digital citizenship? Why is it important? and why is it important to discuss with our students?  Through our class ECMP 455 was have discussed the importance of a digital citizenship and started to create our own by creating our own blogs, signing up for twitter, and following and commenting on others blogs about our practice. This week I came across this blog post that I thought was very fitting for what we are learning and discussing in class. The blog discusses the benefits of teaching your students about digital citizenship and makes some great points that I never considered.

Students today are immersed and have been immersed in the world of social media for some time now, and it is our job as teachers to teachers to teach our 21st-century learned the importance of respect and responsibility when it comes to technology.  This article made me realize the role we play as teachers to teach our students the urlresponsibilities of technology,  Not all teachers like to implement technology into their classroom, so when will that give students the chance to learn and for us to teach them how to use social media responsibly? This blog really made me see technology from a different perspective. Yes technology is engaging, and student will become more engaged when we use it in lessons; but it provides us with the opportunity to open up discussions and teach students about the proper use of social media. Maybe if we teach them the consequences of posting certain images online, and that about cyber bullying and how negative comments online can effect others we can decrease a lot of negative things that come with social media. Knowledge is power! I recommend taking a look at this blog, if you are on the fence about the benefits of implementing technology into your classroom maybe it can help! It also provides great tips on how to teach about digital citizenship in your art classroom.

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