Using Technology in your Visual Art Classroom

In class we have been exploring different resources that we as teachers can use in the classroom. We have been shown amazing things for subjects such as science, math, and english, so this made me ask myself, what does the world of technology have to offer for art teachers?

Claude_Monet_-_View_of_Vétheuil_-_Google_Art_ProjectSo I did some research and I have found some amazing sites that I hope one day I can use in my Visual Art classroom.

The first one I found is called Art Project Powered by Google. Have you ever went on google maps and tried to find your house? Well this is a similar concept. On this site you are able to pick different Art Galleries around the world and take a tour from the comfort of your own home or in this case classroom. Although many of us would like to visit these places and see these Art Galleries and Museums in real life, sometimes it doesn’t match are wallet. As a teacher you look for opportunities to take your students out and view art in a gallery setting, here you are able to view wide variety of art and take the tour in virtual reality. The great thing about this site is you can choose different view settings, so you can choose to take the tour by museum view only or you can focus on certain pieces of artwork in order to get a better look.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 8.29.33 PM

The second resource I discovered is called Art Babble. This is a website where it gives your students the opportunity to learn about everything that has to do with art, through quality video productions. I found this site great because as the viewer you are able to choose through different categories such as medium, time period, themes, location, and people. Through this website I can see my students using it for research projects to learn about different artists, or using it myself by showing students certain videos in order to inspire or teach them about what others are doing around the world. Looking for great videos on art?  Art Babble is the place to go.

There are so many resources out there, no matter what subject you teach, all you have to do is be willing to hunt. Google is a great place to start, just type in your subject along with internet resources. I will definitely have to keep these ones in minds for when I do my pre-internship this semester.
Happy Blogging!


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