Gizmo’s and Gadgets

Today, we live in world full of gizmo’s and gadgets, at least that is what my grandparents would say. Unlike the world I grew up  in,  is only becoming more complex and is beginning to play a role in our everyday lives.  Now where does technology fit in your classroom? This semester, I am taking a class which teaches me different strategies on how to implement technology into my future classroom. During this class we are asked to share our ideas on the roles that technology plays in teaching and learning, our experiences with technology in the classroom, as well as sharing our  favourite tools that we can see ourselves using in the classroom.


I believe there is a place for technology in my classroom, but I do not want my classroom and students to be defined by it. There is still something incredible about doing things the old fashioned way, I could even describe it as an art form. Things that hold so much meaning and which is an incredible way of living are being lost. Things like receiving a letter in the mail from a friend across the world, running next door for a cup of sugar, or having all your recipes written by hand on cards and kept in a tin above your oven.


Now don’t get me wrong, I do not think all technology is evil. I just believe there are certain times and places for it, and that includes your classroom. Although we just began our journey in this class, we have already been introduced to some amazing things that you can find on your computer that you could introduce to your students in your classroom such as Quizlet, Evernote, Study Blue, and Poll Everywhere. Instead of constantly telling your students to keep their phones off and away, give them a time in the day where they can pull them out and become be a part of an interactive class poll. This is not only an engaging way to assess where your students are at, but students will also feel comfortable to take part since it is confidential whether you got the answer right or wrong.

I am still building up the courage to use some of these tools when I am in the classroom, but I have started small by using slideshows and google drive. The more comfortable I become, the more confident I will be to try it! It is just like anything, you try it once, and you learn from it.  In conclusion, I believe there are some great things we do and learn hands on, but we do live in world where technology is continuing to strive. Just like everything, there is a balance. Technology is engaging, and student can relate. I think it depends on knowing your students and what engages them. Some might feel left out because they don’t have a phone to participate, try something different then! Your class might all have phones and constantly wait for the opportunity that they can use it, then allow them to become engaged in their learning by using their phones! There is a balance, it is your job as a teacher to know how your students learn best and the appropriate times to include technology in your own classroom.


One thought on “Gizmo’s and Gadgets

  1. harderkylie says:

    This was a great read Charis! I really enjoyed it and the second image is very powerful! I love it. I agree that there still is good in the old fashioned way and it can’t be totally replaced. However, technology does engage many students and we can’t avoid it. Technology has to be incorporated in an effective way. I like that how you say it is the teachers job to find the balance between technology and learning. Thanks for sharing.

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