This past Summer I worked as a festival co-ordinator for the Windscape Kite Festival and Long Days Night Music Festival. For the Windscape Kite festival, the festival takes place on a field on the far side of my home town. During preparation for the festival, we build fences, fill gopher holes, and even the farmer who owns the land mows the field for us. While walking through the field one day, we discovered this nest hidden on the ground within the grass on the field. This nest would have not been recognized if that certain person had not been paying attention. We decided to mark the nest with a flag as close as we could , and try to keep these little birds safe during the summer. During the whole summer these eggs survived, people respected the environment and left them alone, and even the farmer who mowed the grass went around it. During the summer I kept on going back to check out how they were doing. During these check-ins I was able to witness and view from first hand the beautiful work of nature, evolution, and human kindness to our earth that enabled these birds to survive.

baby birds bird eggs


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