Human rights

Awhile back, I was asked to create a poster on a social issue or event that matter to you the most. Within this, I choose to focus myself on Human Rights Day. This gave me the opportunity to investigate what the word human rights meant, and what it was like for those who had or has had their rights token away. We sometimes take the important things that we already possesses for granted. We sometimes forget to appreciate where we live, and what we have the present time that some folks do not have the privilege of having.

The photo I used was part of a poster “installation” that I had created. The project required us to display our final product within the environment it was placed, and focus making it so it was able to stand out from the other “posters” within it on display. I choose to imitate taking the rights away from the people who were already using the board. It is one thing to tell someone about something, but when you are able to show or display that feeling or emotion to someone, I feel it makes much more of an impact. Displaying a poster is a right within itself, and some people do not possess these rights. So I took the rights away from the people in order to give them the perspective of the feeling and give them the time to appreciateFinal Portfolio (print) 9 or think about the day that is approaching, which is Human rights day.


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