Culture & Identity

Culture and identity are two things in our lives that we find precious and valuable. Growing up as a child we experience, and go through many things that make us who we are today. We never stop learning and growing, and with that we are on adventure to finding out who it is we are and our identity. One’s culture become very important to one another. It gives us a chance to connect with each other and also connect with are family in the past. In certain cultures we process certain ceremonies, traditions, or ways of living that we find most valuable. As human beings it gives us a chance to appreciate our ancestors, our traditions, and who we are as people.

I choose this photo because I took this photo while I was investigating a certain part of a culture within me that I new little about. This photo is taken at one of the first pow wows I ever attended. It was such a beautiful thing being surrounded by people who were all their for the same reason to cherish and celebrate ones culture with each other. The atmosphere was amazing with all the vibrant colours and the sounds of drums and singing, beating in diverse amount of rhythms and harmonies.  A few years ago I went on an amazing journey of looking into my Metis culture, and searching into the part of my ancestral history that had been lost within my family. Even though the Metis culture is its own culture within its self, I was most interested in the first nations background that was within my family and how the culture was hidden within my family, and reasons behind it. It interested me to study the past,  and the culture; and how the people within it were viewed in both the past and present and both the purpose and outcomes of the choices made. Within this journey, I was embraced by a beautiful culture and by beautiful people with stories and teachings that I had no idea I would encounter at the beginning of the journey to finding my culture and culture within my identityFinal Portfolio (print) 24.




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