Stories in your lyrics.


Whether you know all the words, connect with what the musician is saying, or all are thinking the same thing ” this song is absolutely amazing!” Music is a amazing way to connect people together. I choose this photo because in life, I think music is a great way to connect people together. It is kind of an amazing thing, that over a hundred strangers are able to stand in one room, side by side and are all there for the same thing. To enjoy and connect with the musician who is telling their stories through there music and maybe relating to a similar experience we once had. Music and live music is very important to me in my life. I enjoy connect and relating my own stories with the ones the musician is telling me. I enjoy listening to music on my own, but going to a concert is an experience in itself. The lights, the smell, the people, the sound, and seeing how the musician can actually play that guitar or instrument other then just hearing it on your device. Seeing how the music effects other people, and how it brings strangers together in order to have the entire experience, which might make a persons bad day, gone good.


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