Lesson Plan

In class we were  to present a lesson plan  with a partner, to our fellow classmates. In the lesson plan we taught the class about Realism, Expressionism, and Symbolism in regards to identity in Visual Art. This experience presented us with the challenges that many art teachers face today, the fear people have of art. This challenge gave me the opportunity to think of solutions that engage students in learning the Visual Arts, and being able to face the insecurities that the students have in regards to the Arts. To me as artist the aesthetics are not the only essentials of art. I believe if visual art teachers are able to teach art in a way were students are able to say something or portray a certain meaning through art this would be just as meaningful as making something that looks good. If anybody has any other ideas on how to engage students and get them interested in the visual arts and overcome those obstacles of students insecurities that they were taught as a child I would love to hear them!

This is the lesson plan we came up with ——–} LessonPlanOutline


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