Creativity in Education


The other day in class I introduced a lesson plan to my peers in which was intended for a grade 9 visual arts class. Me and and my partner introduced the terms of Realism, Impressionism, and Symbolism in relation to Identity. We showed examples of many artists that used these style in their work and then we asked the class to create a their own self portrait using two of these styles. When we told the class they were required to do a self portrait that represented themselves, there were many frightened faces in the crowd.  Even when I explained that drawing they created did not have to be a realistic picture but just symbolize who they are using colour’s and symbols it did not offer any relief. For some reason in education the subjects of art or math freak people out. If I was introducing this subject to a younger grade such as grade 2-5, I believe the kids would be thrilled about the task and go at it with out any struggle or fear at all. Why at a older age we fear creativity? I believe in this video Ken Robertson says it all. This is a longer Ted Talks but I really recommend watching it, He speaks the words out of my mind in humours and amazing way about creativity in education. He brings up a quote  ” Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso. I believe this is very true and the reason why people fear art once they are older. Society focuses on only the one side of your brain and people lose insight and the importance of creativity. Check it out!




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