The Innovation of Loneliness






A classmate shared this video with me, I believe it is a very interesting concept and hits the truth spot on. Depending on how you look at this video it can be either very depressing or reassuring. I do not see this video as depressing, I am very intersted in the behaivor of the human race and the way they were created.  I believe it is an amazing way of explaining how we are made and meant to function. This video is a complete package the way the person communicates the concept to the audience and the content they talk about is truly interesting.  People are all so talented, both on what they are discovering and creating. Check it out!


5 thoughts on “The Innovation of Loneliness

  1. VosV says:

    Eye Opener! I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t think I blinked my eyes one time through the entire 4:27 minutes! Pose: Thinking Man

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