Stunning Portraits made from thread and nails.

There are many ways of making interesting art out there.  The artist here named Kumi Yamashita, uses a single piece of thread and wraps it around many nails creating different portraits scenes of both men and woman. I recommend checking out this artist, they use a unique and amazing technique making stunning portraits. It helps demonstrate and proves a point that art does not just involve making a mark from a pencil onto paper, but it can be expressed in many forms!


| Here is the link   Kumi Yamashita’s stunning art |


Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense.


This is a blog by Matthew Schuler in which

I found particular interesting. This blog had been shared to me by fellow artist friends, and majority had commented on it that they agree’d with what Matthew had discussed in the blog. Many time’s throughout my life I had considered myself to be confusing and unclear to my friends. After reading this blog and reflecting on it, I would have to say it makes sense. Majority of my friends throughout high school had different interests then me and were not artistic creative individuals. Many times I remember sharing a thought and them looking very confused at the observation or statement.

It was not until I entered College, and attended an Art program that I began to question whether it was me being the confusion or my friends. Once I starting surrounding myself with friends with the same interests and were creative artists themselves, it seemed that there was no confusion at all of how I spoke. I felt like I was meeting people for the very first time who spoke the same language as myself. Since then I had adapted to my language and learned to make myself more clear to those who may not think or process things in the same way as myself. I recommend taking a look at the blog post, it is a very interesting concept!

Here is the Link  —–>                         Why Creative People Sometimes Make No Sense