Hello World!


Technology has always been a part of my life but now more then ever it is starting to become a important resource for people to use in their everyday lives. Rather than people fighting against it ,they are starting to realize that it can be a beneficial learning tool. I always had mixed emotions about technology, that it is something of genius but it also can be your worst enemy. For instance I have the background of both a graphic designer and a fine artist. I really take pleasure in finding or making beautiful design that will represent a certain something in the world. While receiving my Bachelors of Applied Arts Degree I spent majority of my 3 years on a computer studying graphic design, which to me is art on a computer. At the end of the day though I just want to pick up a paint brush and play with some paint or wedge some clay and focus nothing but the thing I am making. I feel free doing fine art rather then on a computer, I enjoy knowing that I know how to do something by simply picking something up in contrast to having a beautiful idea in my head but can not produce it in results to computer in-capabilities.

Starting ECMP 335 has opened my eyes, instead of fighting against technology why not use it towards my benefit? It is a perfect resource to get into contact with other people that are doing the same thing I want to do, which is teach art. Its a great way to share ideas and connect. I am not going to lie my AHA moment didn’t completely transform me into this “digital princess” who turns everything I touch digital, I was terrified to write this post because I have this fear of sharing my thoughts online. Then this thought occurred to me, maybe this would not have been a fear of mine if we had been introduced to this in high school. It might have been like doing an everyday chore like doing the dishes. So there can be both pros and cons of having a digital identity, I will still enjoy the organic pleasures of life like picking up a paint brush or reading an actual book that you can hold in your hand, but I will also use what the world has place there in front of me and see it as a friend that can help rather then a enemy.


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